How To Handle A Relationship With Emotionally Unavailable Men

by admin on May 30, 2012

Many women have the unfortunate luck of falling on love with someone who is not really very willing to share his emotions with you. You may as well blame the movies for romanticizing the idea of falling in love with emotionally unavailable men who will then do a complete turnaround and declare their love for you under the starlit skies of some romantic city like Paris. That may be your dream when you pursue a relationship with an unavailable man but this in no way means that once you get him, he will be ready to open up to you or suddenly declare his love your in public. That may happen yes, but it happens more in movies than in real life. (Click on make a man commit to get what you want)

Emotionally Unavailable Men Advice #1: To The Romantics

If you are pursuing a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man, there are some things you have to know so you can brace yourself for what is to become of your relationship. The first thing you have to do is to learn to spot the characteristics of emotionally unavailable men. Take note though that for every unavailable man out there, there is also an unavailable woman, and one reason behind their rejection of totally committing to a relationship is the fear of being tied down. You may say this is ridiculous but many emotionally unavailable men admit to this fear and more than a few women admit to this as well.

One thing that is common to most men who are emotionally unavailable is the fear of losing themselves to a relationship and also the fear of being clung to by their partner or are sensitive to the feeling of being controlled and thus they may want to avoid intimacy. You may assume that emotionally unavailable men are choosing to reject the love you give them but know this is rarely a choice but more of a defense mechanism they have developed in their subconscious minds. As if being unable to connect in a relationship isn’t bad enough, most men who are emotionally unavailable suffer a cruel twist of fate, being they do want to connect with someone but are unable to do so. This is due to their defense mechanism of being emotionally unavailable as well as the fear of being tied down. This usually consumes them and every other aspect of their relationship.

Emotionally Unavailable Men Advice #2: Deal with Your Emotions

If you are with someone who you feel is emotionally absent then know that he too wants to connect and you may have some big issues to deal with before he is able to do that for you. If you are involved with an emotionally unavailable man then you may sometimes feel like your love is one sided and your needs are not being met by your partner. But take note that not all emotionally unavailable men are life-long bachelors. A lot of them are in serious relationships or are even married. If you have plans of making your relationship work, one thing you have to know is that your partner really does love you, but he just has trouble expressing the love he feels and the ways he chooses to express his love may be in totally different ways than what you expect.

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